Warrant Resolution

Do you or someone you know have an active St. Croix County warrant? We want to help you resolve your case(s) during our Warrant Resolution Day. These events are a voluntary opportunity for you to work with us to resolve your warrants.

When is the Next Warrant Resolution Day?

The next Warrant Resolution Day has not been scheduled. Check back for future dates and times. 

About Warrant Resolution Day

Warrant Resolution Day is a convenient way to resolve outstanding warrants. We encourage those with outstanding warrants to appear so we can make our best efforts to resolve your case(s).

Interview with Western Wisconsin Journal – May, 2022

Judge Nordstrand and District Attorney Karl Anderson sat down with Western Wisconsin Journal to talk about Warrant Resolution Day. Watch the interview here.

Representatives available during the hearing:

  • Public Defender’s Office
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Probation and Parole
  • St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge
  • St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office
  • St. Croix County Child Support Agency

Services offered:

  • Speak with a public defender
  • Speak with a prosecuting attorney, if representing yourself
  • Speak to Corporation Counsel regarding your child support case
  • Arrange to pay outstanding fees or set up a payment plan
  • Enter a plea if resolving your case with a plea
  • Schedule future court dates if necessary