Town of Somerset

Town of Somerset 2023 Comprehensive Plan 

Somerset WI Town HallThe Town of Somerset has updated the Town’s Comprehensive Plan last adopted in 2015.  The plan update process was facilitated by St. Croix County staff under the guidance of the Town Board of Supervisors, Parks Recreation & Plan Commission Committee, and Town staff. The process began in July 2022 and resulted in the adoption of the 2023 Town of Somerset Comprehensive Plan.

2023 Town of Somerset Comprehensive Plan, Adopted May 3, 2023

Plan Purpose

In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes 66.1001 Comprehensive planning, the purpose of this Town of Somerset Comprehensive Plan is to provide a guide to the physical, social, and economic development of a local governmental unit. The plan provides an inventory of community assets and issues to determine the local needs, set goals and priorities, and develop a guide for the future. This Town of Somerset 2023 Comprehensive Plan updated and replaced the 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan.