Advocacy: For the person with the diagnosis, for the caregiver, and for creating a world without Alzheimer's/dementia.

Make Your Voice Heard! When you have opinions about dementia diagnostics, care, funding, reimbursement, research or other aspects related to a type of dementia that affects legislation and funding, write / email your local, state, or national representatives depending on who controls that service. Your concerns along with the reasons you feel a change is important should be detailed in all communication. Written is best as there is a record then of what is said. Be clear and specific. Let them know if there are gaps in services for those with dementia and / or family caregivers.


Alzheimer's Association


Select the county that represents you to share your ideas with representatives on how support or programs need to change for individuals with dementia and caregivers.


Sign up for the newsletter from Senator Rohrkaste who chairs the committee on dementia for the Wisconsin Assembly. Watch for listening sessions scheduled in your area so you make advocate in person. 


Contact the businesses, service providers, churches, and emergency responders in your community to ask them to arrange a training on being dementia friendly. This free training lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and if more than 50% of the employees are trained they will receive a window cling showing they are dementia friendly. It is provided by the Dementia Care Specialist or sanctioned volunteer. Training is provided at a time that works for the business and can be given more than once based on the number of employees needing training.

National Emergency, Weather Crisis or Disaster

If your loved one has dementia: Notify your local fire, police and emergency responder teams that someone in your home has dementia in the event there is a national emergency, a weather crisis or disaster. They can then be prepared when they need to be. Call the ADRC for a Med Facts packet where you can keep a short list of medications, description of your loved one and contact info for the doctor in the vinyl envelope along with copies of your legal / financial powers of attorney on the door of your refrigerator in a vinyl envelope.