Support for the Individuals with Dementia

Memory (Cognitive) Screening

Worried about your memory, having trouble completing tasks at home or having issues finding the right words in conversations? Having a Memory (cognitive) screen would be a good start! A Memory Screen is a brief test used to access for changes in memory and cognition, it is not a diagnostic tool. Screening are free and confidential and available at the ADRC or you location of choice. An Information and Assistance Specialist / Options Counselor or Dementia Care Specialist can talk to you on how to proceed with the information gained through the screen.

Memory Screen Flyer (PDF)

Language Enriched Exercise Plus Socialization (LEEPS)

LEEPS is a program for people in the early to mid stages of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. This volunteer-led program engages people in regular exercise, language exercises, and social activities. The LEEPS study showed people with Alzheimer's disease who participated in the program experienced improved physical fitness and mood.

  • As a LEEPS participant, you will work one-on-one with a trained volunteer to
  • Improve your mood and overall fitness
  • Keep your mind active with language exercises
  • Spend time in the community doing enjoyable things
  • Strengthen and improved flexibility, balance, and endurance through exercise


Dementia Care Specialists can help connect you with all of the opportunities available in your community to keep you active and involved.

  • Memory Cafés (PDF): The Memory Cafés offer a comfortable way for you and your care partner to have fun and socialize with others who have Mild Cognitive Impairment, early to moderate Alzheimer's or other types of dementia, and those who may worry about memory problems. You can expect social connections with others having a similar experience, peer support, valuable information and education, a relaxed and stigma-free environment, laughter, fun activities, new friends, and delicious refreshments.
  • Music and Memory

Research Opportunities

You can be connected to research studies that attempt to further understand the causes and possible treatments for Alzheimer's and other dementias.

For those desiring to help research by signing on either in the control group or as someone with a diagnosis of dementia.

Wisconsin Research

Alzheimer's Association Research