Right of Way Access, Over Size/Weight, Driveway Permits

Please apply for a Right of Way Permit online. 

Please review and complete the oversize, overweight permit (PDF) application.  Upon completion please email  Oversize Overweight permit or fax the form to 715-245-4199.  
After review, we will sign and return.  There is no charge for this permit. 

Driveway Permits

The review of driveway permits helps improve the design and placement of driveways, medians, and other access control measures. The overall goal is to eliminate or limit potential traffic conflicts and ultimately increase safety. The proper placement and spacing of driveways can also improve traffic flow by reducing potential conflict points. Driveways are conditional, to be installed in a timely manner, and for a bona fide purpose.

The County Engineer reviews and approves driveway permits on County Roads. Please contact Jeff Durkee, County Engineer at 715-245-4205 or email Driveway permit.  The permit approval is completed by the County Engineer. 

Please contact Chris Michels 715-836-3905 at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for driveway access on a State Highway.