Birth to 3

It’s an early intervention program for eligible infants and toddlers ages 0 to 3 who have developmental delays and disabilities.

The program is designed to provide support to parents and caregivers to assist them in meeting the developmental needs of their children.

The Birth to 3 Program provides screening, evaluation, assessment, and coordinated services (which could include education or therapy) that are unique to each child and family based on need. The Birth to 3 program strives to look at a child and family’s strengths and find ways to fit services into their daily routines and natural settings (home, childcare, etc.). The focus of the program is to work with a child’s caregivers to promote their development.

Who is Eligible for Birth to 3 Services?

An evaluation / assessment is completed by a team of professionals to determine if a child is eligible for the program. Children who have a significant delay in at least one area of development are eligible. The areas of development considered include communication, motor, social, self-help / adaptive and cognition. Children may also be eligible for the program if they have a diagnosed condition that is likely to result in developmental delay. This could include children who have conditions like a hearing impairment, vision impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome. Finally, some children that have atypical development identified by an evaluation team could be eligible for the program.

To Refer a Child by phone by calling the Access Line 715-246-8260.

Who Pays for the Birth to 3 Services?

Eligibility is based on a child’s needs for services and not on income guidelines. Screens and evaluations are always provided at no charge to families.

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