Circuit Court Fees

General Fee
Appeal from Circuit Court - Appeals Court Fee $195.00
Appeal from Circuit Court - County Filing Fee $15.00
Certification (plus additional fees for copies) $5.00
Change of Venue (Outgoing) $15.00
Copies, Per Page (copy or comparison fee per page) $1.25
Docket a Judgment $5.00
Exemplification $15.00
Foreign Judgment to file $15.00
Issue Trans. of Judgment, Execution, & Writ of Issue Comm. $5.00
Jury Trial, Per Juror $6.00
Lien, File and Docket, or to Preserve $5.00
Record searches (per name, per case type) $5.00
Satisfy a Judgment $5.00
Tax Warrant (Withdrawal, Satisfaction or Docketing) (State, DILHR & Work Comp.) $5.00
Transcript of a Judgment (County to County) $5.00
Transcript of Judgment (Foreign) $15.00