SCC-Alert Mass Notification system

St. Croix County 911 has implemented a new system to alert residents to potential emergency and safety concerns. The SCC-Alert system is offered free of charge to everyone.

Historically, the ability to contact our residents and businesses during potential emergencies and public-safety incidents was based on information provided by the landline telephone companies. While the county still utilizes telephone company information, more than half of all U.S homes do not have or use landline phones and this necessitates that citizens using cell phones input information themselves directly into the SCC-ALERT system to ensure they receive timely notifications.


By registering on the SCC-Alert system you are providing valuable information to public safety officials. In times of emergencies your provided information will enable public safety to notify you via the system you have decided would be the most effective for you and your family. You decide if text, email, land line or cell phone is the best for you. You can enter multiple ways of contacting you for multiple property addresses.


Alerts may be sent to you based on the geographical location of the property address you enter. You can enter home, work and school locations to receive alerts which are sent out based on those locations.


Your information will only be used for public safety reasons and never shared with others. You set up your own account and maintain that information.

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