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The New St. Croix County Public GIS Web Map is Now Active

The current St Croix County public GIS web maps – WGXtreme, St Croix C.O.M.P.A.S., and St Croix Parcel Explorer - will be phased out and retired. The new public GIS web map is called Beacon, which is hosted by Schneider Geospatial. Please try out the new site and review some of the How-To videos linked below.

St Croix County Beacon Site

How-To Videos For Using the Beacon Site

The following videos are recommended to get started: Map Layers, Spatial Selection Tool, Measure Tool, Print Tools, Map from Parcel Report, Navigating a Parcel Report, Parcel Report Printing Options, Map Search Tools, and Map Mark Up Tools.

Map Resources

Interactive Maps

General Land Information Online: Get online access and basic search capabilities to parcels, daily tax and assessment data and historical aerial photography.

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