Environmental Education

St. Croix County provides free environmental education programs and training opportunities and a wide variety of resources are available to schools and organizations working with residents in the county


St. Croix County has developed a number of presentations on environmental topics. These presentations are tailored for different age groups and time limits. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Birds of St. Croix County
  • Forestry
  • Groundwater Quality
  • Recycling
  • Rocks and Geology of St. Croix County
  • Soils and Soil Erosion
  • Surface Water Quality
  • The Watershed Game (High School)
  • WI Habitats: Prairie, Wetlands, or Woodlands

Field Days

Bring your students outside to learn about the environment. Students rotate between stations at a local park or school. Topics include those listed under the classroom presentations.

Stream Ecology Workshops

Work in a local stream or river and test water quality. Students rotate between stations and test for flow rate, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients and macro-invertebrates.

Stream Monitoring-Water Action Volunteers

Environmental Displays & Models

Educational models and kits can be checked out by educators (both formal and informal) for use in environmental education lessons or as displays at events.

  • Enviroscape-watershed model
  • Forest Health Kit
  • Gecko GPS units
  • Groundwater model
  • Septic display
  • Snowshoes

Conservation Groups in St. Croix County

Lake Associations

Federal Conservation Websites

State & County Conservation Websites

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