Home Compost Bin Sale

The county has a limited number of The Home Composter bins for sale.
They can be purchased on-line. Scroll to the bottom of the tree sale page for details. 

Cost: $60

  • · Includes “Composting Cookbook”
  • · Assembly is less than 10-minutes 
  • · Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • · Holds 60 gallons of material
  • · 33” in diameter and 33” tall (approximately)

You will be notified via email with pick-up options at the end of April. 

Visit the WI DNR website for their detailed "Garbage to Garden" composting poster

County Collection Events


The next tire, appliance, and electronics collection will be Saturday, May 22nd 2021.


The next hazardous waste collection will be September 2021.

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Special Event Recycling Program

Special Event Recycling Bins

Solid Waste & Recycling Management Plan

St. Croix County Solid Waste & Recycling Management Plan (PDF)


St Croix County Chapter 21 - Municipal Solid Waste: Reduction, Recovery & Recycling Ordinance (PDF)

The St. Croix County Recycling Program as part of the Resource Management Division is responsible for enforcing the County’s Recycling Ordinance. Personnel shall follow the guidelines identified in the Compliance Assurance Plan (PDF) in response to issues associated with recycling. This plan is intended to meet the requirements of s. NR544.04 (9g), Wis. Admin. Code, as well as the St Croix County Ordinance, Chapter 21.

The Community Development Director or his / her designee has citation authority for violations of the County’s Recycling Ordinance. Individuals who feel that a violation of the Recycling Ordinance exists may file a complaint form with the Resource Management Division. Submit as much supporting evidence (i.e. photos, documents, etc.) as possible in support of the complaint. Please be advised that under Wisconsin’s Public Records Law, Wis. Stats. §19.31, et al., the complaint and supporting evidence will be available for public review upon request. Only in an exceptional case may access be denied.

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