Holiday Materials

Christmas Trees


If your tree is still usable, offer it to friends or donate it to a charity such as Goodwill or Treasures from the Heart.

Treasures From the Heart
200 S Main Street
River Falls, WI

Treasures From the Heart
815 Main Street
Baldwin, WI

If the tree is no longer usable then it will have to be thrown away, check with your hauler to see if they will accept it in one piece.  If not, it will have to be dismantled into smaller pieces and put in the trash.

Live Trees

Many municipalities have curbside Christmas tree pick-up for a short time period after Christmas.

Check with your hauler. Many will provide tree pick-up for a short time period after Christmas. 

Holiday Lights

Old, unwanted, or not working holiday lights can be recycled at local agencies and retailers during the holiday season.

Local retailers and agencies that accept holiday lights for recycling:

900 Industrial St
Hudson, WI

Logistics Recycling Inc.
Somerset, WI

River Falls Ace Hardware
1163 N Main Street
River Falls, WI

Wrapping Paper

Most wrapping paper is not recyclable. These papers are often embedded with foil and other materials that frequently have non-recyclables items like bows and ribbons attached to them. Contact your local hauler for their guidelines.

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