First Responder & First Receiver Hazmat Training

The St. Croix County LEPC is responsible for conducting Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) training to all first responders and first receivers. The following agencies have received HAZMAT training through the LEPC:

  • Baldwin Area Medical Center
  • Baldwin Police Department
  • Deer Park Fire Department
  • Glenwood City Fire Department
  • Hudson Fire Department
  • New Richmond Area EMS
  • New Richmond Fire Department
  • New Richmond Police Department
  • River Falls Area Hospital
  • River Falls EMS
  • River Falls Police Department
  • Roberts or Warren Fire Department
  • St. Croix County Highway Department
  • St. Croix County Sheriff's Office
  • Somerset Fire Department
  • St. Joseph Fire Department
  • Star Prairie Police Department
  • Star Prairie Public Works
  • United Fire and Rescue - Baldwin, Hammond, Woodville
  • Westfield Hospital

Program Description

Hazardous materials training includes the following courses:

  • Awareness Level (Both Basic and Refresher Courses): The Hazardous Materials  or WMB or Terrorism course that was developed by Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM), and approved by all First Responder agencies as a basic course meeting the needs of both OSHA and Homeland Security Awareness level training. This course is designed to meet the recurring training requirements as identified under OSHA 1910.120 for First Responder - Awareness-Level Response.
  • Operation Level (Both Basic and Refresher Courses): The standard curriculum for the Hazardous Materials Operation Level training will be the "International Fire Service Training Asssociation" (IFSTA) curriculum "Hazardous Materials for First Responders."
    The goal at the first responder operational level shall be to provide those persons, whose duties include responding to the scene of emergencies that may involve hazardous materials, with the competencies listed below to respond safely to hazardous materials incidents. The first responder at the operational level is not expected to use specialized chemical protective clothing or special control equipment.
  • Hazardous Materials Technician Level (Both Basic and Refresher Courses): The standard curriculum for the Hazardous Materials Technician level training will be the IFSTA curriculum, "Hazardous Materials Managing the Incident."
  • Confined Space Training and Refresher Training for Confined Space: The discipline of confined space rescue is significantly dangerous to the untrained responder. This class will review OSHA and industry standards in regards to these types of incidents. Students will review past incidents and leave with a better understanding of what they are allowed to do and responsible for when confronted with these emergency situations. This class is an entry level class to confined space operations levels and would be beneficial to any emergency responder.

These courses are now offered with a building block approach, meaning that the responder must take the Awareness Level training prior to taking the Operational Level and the Operation Level training prior to taking the Technician Level.