Circuit Court

Court Orders and Procedures in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, the 10th Judicial District and the St. Croix County Circuit Courts issued the following orders regarding proceedings and essential functions in the Circuit Courts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisconsin Supreme Court

St. Croix County Circuit Courts

Branch I

Honorable Scott J. Nordstrand
Judicial Assistant: Katy Peavey
Court Reporter: Valerie Deiss

Branch II

Honorable Edward F. Vlack
Judicial Assistant: Ryan Griffin
Court Reporter: Gina Gross

Branch III

Honorable Scott R. Needham
Judicial Assistant: Jodi Sachsenmaier
Court Reporter: Vicki Kasten

Branch IV

Honorable R. Michael Waterman
Judicial Assistant: Tamra Young
Court Reporter: Vanessa Melstrom

Circuit Court Commissioner

Timothy C. Heckmann

Family Court Commissioner

Stephen J. Dunlap
Administrative Associate: Brenda Kearns