Public Health Events

Public health is celebrating Public Health is Everywhere Week April 2 – 8. The overall theme is “Healthiest Nation 2030/Changing Our Future Together". As part of the celebration, we are offering lunch and learns each day of the week, April 2-6, with a different theme planned each day. 

All events will be held at St. Croix County Services Center from 12 Noon – 1 PM in room 171 and 172, and open to the public.

Monday, April 2: Behavioral Health – Advocate for and promote well-being

Tuesday, April 3: Communicable Diseases - Learn about ways to prevent disease transmission

Wednesday, April 4: Environmental Health - Help to protect and maintain a healthy planet

Thursday, April 5: Injury and Violence Prevention – Learn about the effects of injury and violence on health

Friday, April 6: Ensuring the Right to Health - Advocate for everyone's right to a healthy life