Drinking Water Program Testing Event

Program Information

  • Offering the opportunity for 150 private well owners to voluntarily test their drinking water
  • Voluntary program developed to:
    • Make water testing convenient
    • Help you learn about your drinking water
    • Learn what you can do to keep your private water supply safe and healthy

Available Tests & Pricing

Homeowners Package
  • Includes tests for nitrate, coliform bacteria, pH, alkalinity, hardness, conductivity, corrosivity and chloride. (Recommended annually)
DACT Screen Test$30
Metals Package$49
All 3 Test Packages (save $8.00)$123
Home Radon Test Kits (pick-up in office only)$10

How to Participate

  • Pre-order/Reserve water test: 
    • By phone (715-386-4680) or E-mail Tammy Traxler
    • Make payment via credit card or by check
    • Pick up in Baldwin (Ag Extension Office) or Hudson (Government Center)
    • Water test kits can be mailed for a $3.50 fee (last day to mail is February 5th @ 4:30 pm)  
  • Collect: 
    • Water samples must be collected on Monday, February 11th. 
  • Return/Drop-Off:
    • Return water samples on Monday, February 11th at the Baldwin or Hudson office between 8 am - 5:30 pm 
  • Results: 
    • Results will be mailed directly to participants in 4-6 weeks, or earlier if your sample indicates a health threat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I forget or have an emergency? 
    • You won't forget! We'll contact you on February 11 if we haven't received your water samples.
    • Or, in case of emergencies, contact us to discuss alternative options.
  • What happens to my sample after I drop it off?
    • On Tuesday, February 12th, staff will deliver the water samples to the UW-Stevens Point lab for analysis.
  • How do I fill out the lab form? 
    • Well Information: Check your well cap or well construction report. Don't have a copy of the well construction report? We can help, E-mail CDD.
    • Legal Description: Can be found on property tax statement or check Land Information online (search by address).
    • Well Casing: Can be found on well construction report (okay to leave blank if unknown)
    • Any questions filling out the form, contact Tammy Traxler
  • Who should participate?
    • St. Croix County residents with private wells
    • There are over 16,000 private wells in St. Croix County
  • My water tastes fine, so it must be safe to drink.
    • Nitrates dissolve easily in water and may not affect the taste of your water. 
  • Why does it cost so much?
    • If you choose to do all three tests, it is only $0.34/day (annually)
    • If you choose to do the homeowner's package, it is only $0.14/day (annually)

How to Take a Water Sample