Citizen Groundwater Monitoring Program

This page is for homeowners who have interest in being part of the Groundwater Monitoring Program.

There are 203 grids that the County is hoping to sample groundwater from.  If a grid is grayed out, that means it is available for sampling.  

The grid is only updated once per day, at the beginning of the day for most current information regarding availability of the grids.    

See if the grid in your area is available and then sign up to be part of the study below! 

There is no guarantee that you will be able to participate in the program.

To participate in the 5 year study, please fill out the homeowner participation survey.  

Homeowner Survey Information Steps

Prior to starting the survey, please locate your well construction information for well depth, and well casing as this will be needed for the survey.  You must have this information to participate in the program.  

Don't know where to find your Well ID, well depth, or casing depth?

Use this DNR document to check some common locations in your house where your well ID might have been placed by the well driller.  See pages 1 and 2.    

Homeowner Participation Survey.  

Participants who choose to be part of the study will be contacted the week after the closing date of the survey.  

Additional Information

To learn more about the purpose of this program, please view the report for the Protection of Surface and Groundwater Quality in St. Croix County, or the Prioritized Recommendations from the Ground & Surface Water Quality Study report.