2020 Spring Election - April 7, 2020

Notice of 2020 Spring Election - April 7, 2020
Presidential Preference Vote, Judicial and County Board Supervisor Election

Notice of Election and Sample Ballots

Notice of Statewide Referendum
QUESTION 1: Additional rights of crime victims. Shall section 9m of article I of the constitution, which gives certain rights to crime victims, be amended to give crime victims additional rights, to require that the rights of crime victims be protected with equal force to the protections afforded the accused while leaving the federal constitutional rights of the accused intact, and to allow crime victims to enforce their rights in court?”
2019 Enrolled Joint Resolution 3

Notice of St. Croix County Advisory Referendum
QUESTION 1: Should St. Croix County request that the Wisconsin Legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional district plans and maps?
St. Croix County Resolution 4(2020)