Eckert Blufflands on the St. Croix

Eckert Blufflands Park Master Plan

Eckert Blufflands

The new Eckert Blufflands County Park is along the St. Croix River just north of Hudson and consists of nearly 170 acres of wooded upland, deep ravines, former agricultural fields, over 100-foot high river bluffs, and more than half a mile of river shoreline. The Eckert Blufflands Park Master Planning process began in the Spring of 2020.


Two phases of public engagement have been held during the master planning process:

Phase 1 was held from July to September 2020. This phase was designed to reach out to the general public, St. Croix County residents and stakeholders to make them aware of the project and ask for general input on issues and opportunities for the future use of the park.

Public Engagement Input Summary From Phase 1 

Phase 2 was held from January to March 2021, following the creation of three park development concepts developed from feedback and input in Phase 1. This phase asked for the public and stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the concepts.

Draft Concepts & Survey For Phase 2

Public Engagement Input Summary From Phase 2

Estimated Project Schedule

Since obtaining feedback from the public during the second phase of engagement and meeting with stakeholders, a preferred master plan concept will be developed.

St. Croix County will provide an update to this project webpage once the master plan concept is finalized and a public hearing date is established, sometime in late summer or early fall of 2021.

Master Planning Team

Eckert Blufflands BeachThe County has hired a consultant team to assist with the master planning process, which includes HKGi (park master planning) and Emmons and Olivier Resources (natural resource management). The master planning team will be evaluating existing conditions in the park, analyzing issues and opportunities for future development and vegetation management, exploring various concept approaches and developing a master plan document that will guide future investments.

St. Croix County Staff Contact: John Hilgers, Senior Planner (