Previously Proposed COVID-19 Communicable Disease Ordinance

A special St. Croix County Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 17 at 7pm. During this meeting the full County Board will consider whether to adopt a COVID-19 Communicable Disease Ordinance. An adopted ordinance would be effective upon publication. At their meeting on November 11, the Health and Human Services (HHS) Board recommended the ordinance to the full County Board for consideration. You can read the press release here.

Options to participate:

  • Watch the live meeting online by selecting the video link next to the November 17 County Board meeting Item on the Meetings and Agendas page. The video link will be available when the meeting starts. If you do not see the link after 7pm, please refresh your browser.
  • You can also watch the live meeting online from River Channel's Facebook page.
  • If you would like to provide public comment online or by phone, please follow the instructions listed in the agenda.
    • We will get to as many people as we can during the time allowed for public comment. 
  • Seating in-person will be limited. To avoid further spread of COVID-19, we ask that everyone who wishes to participate, use one of the options listed above.

The proposed COVID-19 Communicable Disease Ordinance is a separate ordinance from the previously proposed version 3. Version 3 was postponed indefinitely. Please read through the following information about the newly proposed COVID-19 Communicable Disease Ordinance.

Over the past two months we’ve heard feedback from St. Croix County residents both in favor and opposed to an ordinance to address the COVID-19 pandemic in our county. This feedback came in the form of emails, several hours of public comment, a survey, and a digital town hall. Many shared similar concerns about the language in version 3 of the previously proposed ordinance.   

On October 7, the HHS Subcommittee voted to postpone indefinitely their recommendation of version 3 of the ordinance for consideration by the HHS Board. On October 21 during the requests for future agenda items portion of the HHS Board meeting, a request was made to put a different version of an ordinance on the agenda for the next HHS Board meeting. Using the feedback we received as a guide, St. Croix County’s Corporation Counsel drafted the COVID-19 Communicable Disease Ordinance. 

On social media there has been speculation and misinformation about the proposed ordinance, both previous and current, and about COVID-19. For current and accurate information about any proposed ordinance or COVID-19, please refer to the St. Croix County website.

You can read the draft of the COVID-19 Communicable Disease Ordinance here. For more information about this ordinance read through the FAQs below. We understand that not all your questions will be answered below. We will work to add to this list as more questions arise and we have more information. You can find other FAQs about COVID-19 here.

Communicable Disease Ordinance Digital Town Hall

The HHS Subcommittee held a Digital Town Hall on October 7 to give residents of St. Croix County time to provide comment and ask questions about the previously proposed ordinance. You can watch the recording of the town hall here


The Communicable Disease Ordinance and COVID-19 Survey has closed. We collected your comments and shared this information with the County Board and HHS Subcommittee members.