Seasonal Highway Weight Restrictions

As we transition from winter to spring, roadways must withstand an extreme range of moisture and temperature conditions. These varying conditions affect the structural strength of the pavement and the base materials under the roadway. To help protect our roadways, seasonal weight restrictions will be placed on the roadways listed below. The seasonal weight restrictions typically occur from mid-March to the end of April.

Weight restrictions remain in place until posted signs are removed. Please check our website frequently for up-to-date information. The following information is for county and town roads within St. Croix County. For information on weight restrictions on state highways visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.

Axle Restrictions

Axle restrictions by tons and pounds.
Weight Single Axle Tandem Axle Lift Axle
Tons 6 10 3
Weight 12,000 20,000  

Restrictions by Vehicle

Restrictions by vehicle type.
Vehicle Type Front Axle Rear Axle Lift Axles GVW
Single axle truck 12,000 12,000   24,000
Tandem axle 12,000 20,000   32,000
Tri-axle 12,000 20,000 6,000 38,000
Quad-axle 12,000 20,000 12,000 44,000

Roadways Posted by St. Croix County

Roadways with weight restrictions posted by the county.
Road/Town Sections Posted Removed
Rustic Roads 3 & 4 All Rustic Road 3 & 4 2/1/2024  
CTH N STH 128 - Dunn County Line 2/1/2024  
CTH NN All of County Road NN 2/1/2024  
CTH O  CTH G - CTH S 2/1/2024  
CTH Q STH 63 - Dunn County Line 2/1/2024  
CTH W  CTH E - Wilson 2/1/2024  
CTH W  CTH M - CTH J 2/1/2024  
CTH Y All County Road Y  2/1/2024  
CTH YY All County Road YY 2/1/2024  
*Town of Cylon All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Eau Galle All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Forest All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Erin Prairie All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Hammond All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Hudson All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of KinnicKinnic All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Pleasant Valley All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Richmond All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Rush River All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Star Prairie All Roads 2/1/2024  
*Town of Warren All Roads 2/1/2024  

*Weight restrictions for the Town roads listed above are posted by the County at the Town's request.

Roadways Not Posted by St. Croix County

The weight restrictions for the following Town roads are posted at the Town's discretion. 
If you have questions about these roads, please contact the Town directly.  

  • Town of Baldwin
  • Town of Cady
  • Town of Emerald
  • Town of Forest
  • Town of Glenwood
  • Town of St. Joseph
  • Town of Somerset
  • Town of Springfield
  • Town of Stanton
  • Town of Troy