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Posted on: August 21, 2023

Plan an Eco-Friendly Move

A moving truck parked on a street with moving boxes in the back.

Are you moving soon? Join the movement toward sustainability by planning an eco-friendly move that saves you money while reducing waste. Around 12% of Americans move each year, and you can stand out by incorporating these waste reduction tips into your relocation strategy:

Reduce with Purpose: Start your journey to an eco-friendly move by packing and sorting well in advance. Bid farewell to items you no longer need or use. Instead of letting them weigh you down, consider hosting a garage sale, donating to thrift stores, charities, friends, or family, or posting them on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List, or Buy Nothing sites.

Wrap and Protect Your Valuables Responsibly: Embrace creativity and use items you're already moving to safeguard your delicate belongings. You can use newspapers, sheets, blankets, towels, or clothing to protect breakable items. For those who opt for bubble wrap, ensure its continued usefulness by offering it for reuse or recycling it at a local grocery store with other plastic bags and stretchy film.

Think Outside the Box: Reduce your environmental footprint by seeking alternatives to purchasing new moving boxes. Try these tips:

  • If you are working with a moving company, ask about the possibility of renting plastic totes instead of acquiring disposable boxes.
  • Check online for sale sites to pick up used moving boxes for free or a reduced price.
  • Check with local stores who may be willing to give you boxes for free.
  • Save boxes from gifts or online shopping orders.
  • Give away your used moving boxes to a friend or post them to online community groups.
  • If boxes aren’t in good enough shape to be reused, be sure to recycle them.

Overflowing with Cardboard? At times you may have more cardboard than you can fit in your curbside bin. Always call your hauler first to see if they can accommodate you. Many can with advanced noticed. Boxes must be broken down. You can also bring cardboard to:

Town of Richmond Recycling Center (fee based)
1428 100th Street, Boardman, WI

Pierce County Recycling (free disposal)
707 N Maple Street, Ellsworth, WI

By integrating these eco-friendly practices into your relocation plans, you'll not only reduce waste but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious society.

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