How will I know if I must report for jury service?

A summons will be mailed to you approximately three weeks prior to your month of service. This notice will advise you of the dates for which you have been selected to serve. Please be sure to retain the summons and attachments as it contains important information that you will need during your month of service, including your panel member number. St. Croix County uses a mass notification system to provide jurors with up-to-date information regarding the status of jury trials. You will receive a phone call, voice mail message and/or e-mail from the court. If you do not receive an updated notification, you must call the Juror Information Line at 800-640-8524 or 715-386-4629 after 5 p.m. the evening before each scheduled trial. If you report for jury service after the message indicated it was not necessary to do so, you will not receive compensation or credit toward your service for that day.

Juror Information Line: 800-640-8524 or 715-386-4629

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