Where is the best place to find COVID-19 data?

Updated 12-16-21

The best place to find local COVID-19 data is on the St. Croix County COVID-19 Dashboard. This dashboard shows the following data points for St. Croix County:

  • Total cases
  • Vaccinations
  • Percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19
  • Number of hospitalizations
  • Number of deaths
  • Number of vaccines administered to St. Croix County Residents
  • and more

Here are other sources of data showing the impact of COVID-19 on the state of Wisconsin and the United States: (the data in these sources may not immediately reflect the data from the St. Croix County Dashboard)

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1. Where is the best place to find COVID-19 data?
2. Why is the COVID-19 data on the St. Croix County website and other websites different?
3. If a person tests positive more than once for COVID-19, how is that represented in the data?
4. What is a probable case? How are they recorded?
5. What is considered an outbreak?
6. How are deaths due to COVID-19 reported?