What is the timeline and process for redistricting?

Our goal is to complete the redistricting process by December 1 while continuing to ensure a non-partisan redistricting process that prioritizes public hearings and public input on the process and the tentative maps. There will be two public hearings to review the maps. The maps will be posted to the St. Croix County website when they are available for review. The County Clerk’s Office and the Community Development Department are working with local municipalities on the redistricting process. 

Below is a tentative timeline of the redistricting process. These dates may change. 

  • August 20: St. Croix County Community Development creates tentative Supervisory District maps for Administration Committee review
  • August 25: St. Croix County Administration Committee reviews maps and recommends one tentative supervisory district plan for review by the County Board
  • September 9: St. Croix County Board holds public hearing to review and adopt a tentative supervisory district plan via resolution
  • September 10 to October 14: Municipalities adopt ward plans by resolution and submit ward plans to St. Croix County.
  • November 2: St. Croix County Board of Supervisors holds a second public hearing to review and adopt a final supervisory district plan via resolution.

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