What studies have been done on the space needs for St. Croix County Government facilities?

Updated: 3-3-22

Three studies have been done on St. Croix County Government facilities since 2012.

A 2012 facilities planning study found the Government Center in Hudson to be in good condition and noted the growing needs of District Courts.

A 2019 Jail study determined that jail population projections will potentially increase at a rate consistent with the 10-year annual trend of just under 3%. Projecting out 5 years from the study (2024), the anticipated average daily population would be 146; at 10 years (2029) the average daily population would be 166; and at 15 years (2034) the average daily population would be 189.

A 2020-2021 masterplan study considered the data from the two previous studies and additional data from each department head. The department heads provided past staffing data, anticipated rate of growth, and outlined current space issues. The planning team then met with the departments to determine their current and future space needs. The result of the department interviews provided a space needs assessment used for the masterplans. Read the 2020-2021 Masterplan Study here.

A Government Center Building Subcommittee was formed in March of 2021 to discuss and review the need for an expansion of the St. Croix County Government Center in Hudson. The committee reviewed these previous studies, toured County facilities, and met with County employees to learn more about the space needs of the Government Center. After seven months of discussion, the subcommittee voted to recommend the project move forward to the Administration Committee meeting in January 2022 for consideration.

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