What options were considered?

During the planning process, the team met with County representatives to review various expansion options. The options included a north expansion, a south expansion, both north and south expansions as well as a separate administration building. Building security, staff circulation, and inmate movement were considered in all options. The decision was made to pursue a north and south expansion.

The County did look into virtual working environments. Many County employees have the capability to work remotely if needed for flexibility. However, many of the services we offer the residents and visitors of St. Croix County are best served or can only be served in-person by having a physical presence in the Government Center Building.

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1. What are the population projections of St. Croix County?
2. What studies have been done on the space needs for St. Croix County Government facilities?
3. What are the different phases of this project?
4. What are the benefits of expanding the Government Center now?
5. What is the cost of Phase 2 of this expansion?
6. What are we doing to keep the cost down?
7. What options were considered?
8. What was the process for approval and timeline of this project?
9. Will this impact the surrounding environment?
10. Will this impact traffic or noise in the area?
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