What are the structure setbacks for my property?

A structure setback is a requirement in a Zoning Code that specifies the minimum distance that a building/structure must be set back from the property lines, structures, and natural features. Setback requirements are intended to provide space to ensure that structures are located in a way that is safe and visually appealing. They can also help to preserve natural features of the land, such as bodies of water, vegetation, slopes or wetlands, and to provide adequate light and air circulation around buildings. Setback requirements vary depending on the zoning district and the type of structure being constructed.

Once you have located your property on St. Croix County's Interactive Zoning Map and identified the zoning classification, you can find the general building setbacks under the corresponding Zoning District in Chapter 15 of the St. Croix County Code of Ordinances. Setbacks may also be different if there are any other overlay zoning districts, such as Shoreland, Floodplain, or the Lower St. Croix Riverway. In addition, depending on the use of the proposed building, setback may also vary. Setback may also be recorded on the plat or certified survey map of the property.

Contact our Land Use Team with questions you have on setbacks for your property. If you have a question about zoning or setbacks email us at CDD@sccwi.gov with your name, contact information, property address or parcel ID number, and your question. We will contact you regarding your question.

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