How did Public Health respond during the blastomycosis investigation?

Early in 2022, St. Croix County Public Health began working with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate cases of blastomycosis in people and dogs in an area adjacent to the Willow River near Boardman, Wisconsin. The investigation ended in late 2022. Although this investigation has closed, outreach and education about blastomycosis is ongoing.

Early in the response notifications were sent to local physicians and veterinarians to inform them of blastomycosis infections in the area and the symptoms to look for. Information about the investigation and fact sheets on blastomycosis were sent to residents in the area of the investigation. Additionally a web page was created on the St. Croix County website with more information and resources on Blastomycosis.

Public Health continues to share to information about blastomycosis. Due to the nature of their work, Public Health is currently communicating with contractors and construction workers in the area about blastomycosis, the symptoms, and how to protect themselves. 

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6. How did Public Health respond during the blastomycosis investigation?