What is the County doing about the weeds?

Noxious Weeds

The Department strives to kill all noxious weeds within the County ROW upon discovery. Under Wisconsin §66.0407 - Noxious weeds are defined as Canada thistle, leafy spurge, field bindweed, any weed designated as a noxious weed by the department of natural resources by rule, and any other weed the governing body of any municipality or the county board of any county by ordinance or resolution declares to be noxious within its respective boundaries.

Invasive Species

Various groups (WisDOT, WCHA, DNR, etc.) are developing “Best Management Practices” to guide local units of government in Wisconsin with identifying and controlling invasive plant species in the right-of-way as well as to educate and inform land owners. These practices will appear odd to the traveling public as there will be areas of the ROW that will be treated differently than the surrounding ROW with regard to mowing, cutting, and height of vegetation due to the preventative measures needed to accomplish these BMP goals.

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