Where do I start?
  1. You will need to contact an Advocate at the District Attorney's Office in the St. Croix County Government Center located in Hudson, Wisconsin. You may also contact a victim advocate by phone at 715-386-4666. By speaking with an advocate, you will be able to decide the type of petition that fits your situation.
  2. You will need to come to the Government center to file your petition. At this time the advocate will help answer any questions you may have and help you in completing the petition. The victim advocate's office is located on the main level, Room 1259, of the Government Center, which is located at:
    1101 Carmichael Road
    Hudson, WI 54016
  3. After completing the petition, the advocate will bring the petition to the Judge for review. During this time, the Judge will decide whether to grant a Temporary Restraining Order.

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1. Is a restraining order for me?
2. Where do I start?
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