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Big 4 Food Safety Exam (English)

  1. Do you work at or own a St. Croix County food Establishment?
  2. At the food facility what best describes your role?
  3. Big 4 Food Safety Exam
  4. 1. The Big 4 safety areas are: (check all that apply)
  5. 2. A food- borne illness is not capable of causing death:
  6. 3. Which best describes the cause of bacterial food illnesses:
  7. 4. Which best describes the cause of viral food illnesses:
  8. 5. Bacteria growth can double every 20 minutes when food are not at safe temperature ranges.
  9. 6. A small amount of a virus on a food handler's hand can cause a person consuming the food to become ill.
  10. 7. What symptoms are food handlers required to report to the person in charge? (Check all that apply)
  11. 8. It is fine for an employee to return to work when symptom free from vomiting and diarrhea after 8 hours:
  12. 9. The best place for an employee to wash their hands in is:
  13. 10. Food handlers may dry their hands with: (Check all that apply)
  14. 11. Food handlers should wash hands:(check al that apply)
  15. 12. Using hand sanitizer is an appropriate alternative when a food handler doesn’t have time to wash hands:
  16. 13. You should use a paper towel or the back of your hand to turn off the water after performing handwashing:
  17. 14. It does not matter how long you wash your hands as long as you use soap and water:
  18. 15. If a food handler is gloved and is handling raw meats or eggs, they do not have to change their gloves before touching ready to eat foods such as cooked meats or fresh produce.
  19. 16. It is fine to thaw foods by room temperature until:
  20. 17. A food handler makes a batch of soup that is enough for more than 24 hours, how many days can the soup be held in the refrigerator before it has to be used or discarded?
  21. 18. Ready to eat foods that are going to be in the refrigerator less than a day do not need to be date marked.
  22. 19. If a food handler opens the refrigerator and notices that raw chicken is on the shelf above raw steak. The food handler knows that:
  23. 20. When a food handler is reheating a soup that was made from scratch 2 days ago so that it can be placed in the steam table for hot holding:
  24. 21. A food handler is making gravy and the remaining will be date marked for later use. The food handler knows that for cooling foods they should:
  25. 22. Foods that need to be temperature controlled for safety should be kept with the following temperature range:
  26. 23. When handling raw meats or eggs you:
  27. 24. When making sandwiches and handling the bread, cheese, and lettuce you:
  28. 25. Public Health Department should be notified if a food handler has Hepatitis A:
  29. 26. Examples of Illnesses that can be spread by the hands of a food handler onto foods are:
  30. 27. Food handlers should have a metal stem thermometer and use it to verify cooking, cooling, reheating, and holding temperatures of food.
  31. 28. If a restaurant is willing to serve meats, eggs, or fish undercooked or raw they must place a consumer advisory on the menu and identify which menu items the advisory applies too:
  32. 29. Chicken must be cooked to at least 155F
  33. 30. Ground beef must be cooked to at least 145F to be considered fully cooked:
  34. 31. Foodborne Illnesses are always caused by the food that was most recently consumed
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