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Combined License Application

  1. Upon receipt of application and fees, a pre-inspection will be scheduled.

    As a condition of licensure, applicants must comply with the applicable codes and their references.

    View the DATCP and DSPS codes for the application license types.

    - ATCP 76- Safety, Maintenance and Operation of Public Pools and Water Attractions

    - SPS 221- Tattooing and Body Piercing

    - ATCP 78- Recreational and Educational Camps

    - ATCP 79- Campgrounds

    - ATCP 72- Hotels, Motels and Tourist Rooming Houses

    - ATCP 73- Bed & Breakfast 

    - ATCP 75- Retail Food Establishments

    - Wisconsin Food Code

    - SPS 326- Manufactured Home Communities

  2. Restaurants, lodging, campgrounds/camps, pools, and body art facilities at change of ownership and new construction will be charged an additional pre-inspection fee. This is a one time fee that will be billed separately.
  3. Since we are required to either or approve or deny all applications within 30 days, do not submit an application if you know your opening date is greater than 30 days from today.
  4. Step 1: Select all the license types you wish to apply for?
    Keep in mind the following:
    - Some facilities will end up having more than one license issued by our department. For example some hotels will have up to 4 licenses: the hotel license, restaurant license for serving breakfast, pool license, and a whirlpool license.

    - State of WI Department of Safety and Professional Services and/or local building inspector plan reviews new construction or remodeling projects per the building and plumbing codes. Contact their office(s) for their requirements.

    - St. Croix County Public Health enforces the above listed codes, there may be other departments or jurisdictions that could have additional requirements. For example: The St. Croix County Community Development department may have some land use, well, and/or septic restrictions/requirements . The DNR may have requirements regarding flood zone or shore line set backs. etc.
  5. Restaurant Licenses
  6. Retail Food Establishment
  7. Swimming Pool
  8. Lodging Facilities
  9. Campgrounds / Recreational Educational Camp
  10. Tattoo / Permanent Cosmetics and / or Body Piercing
  11. Manufactured Home Community
  12. Step 2: Facility Information
  13. Water Source and Waste System
  14. Step 3: Ownership Information
  15. Your completion of this electronic application acknowledges that you will comply with all applicable wisconsin administrative code(s).
    The license year for all licenses is from July 1st to June 30 each year. Licenses are not pro-rated. License renewals are sent out as a courtesy but to avoid a late fee license renewals are due by July 1st.
    Inspections are generally conducted unannounced during regular business hours.
    Within 30 days after receiving a complete application for a permit, the department or its agent shall either approve the application and issue a permit or deny the application. If the application for a permit is denied, the department or its agent shall give the applicant reasons, in writing, for the denial.
    Persons/facilities cannot operate without a license. Permits will be issued according to: Chapter 254.47 (5) and 254.64 (1)(c), Stats. , Chapter 254.47 (1), Stats, Chapter 254.64 (1)(a), Stats, Chapter 254.47 (4) and 254.64 (5), Stats.
  16. Submittal
    Check the "I'm not a robot" and then hit submit below. If you would like to receive an email copy of this submittal enter an email address below. An inspector will review your submittal and contact you. Thanks from St. Croix County Public Health!
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