About Us

Our Mission

​The mission of the St. Croix County District Attorney's Office is to vigorously and effectively represent the people of the State of Wisconsin and St. Croix County through aggressive and fair prosecution, ensuring impartial and balanced justice that holds people accountable for their actions, and to search for the truth.

Our Goals

​In furtherance of this mission, we employ individuals of the highest integrity, skill and courage who are committed to professional excellence, fairness to the accused, compassion and respect for all victims and, most importantly, the attainment of justice. Our office not only strives to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which employees are treated fairly and encouraged to excel, but we also strive to treat every citizen coming to this office with respect. Among the primary goals of this office are to protect the health and welfare of children who are victims of child abuse and neglect and strongly address the problems of drug abuse county-wide. At all times we apply common-day sense and experience as we work within the justice system and, in this way, make St. Croix County a safer community for everyone who lives here.