Adult Community Support Services

These services designed to assist and support individuals to cope with a chronic mental illness and to improve their chances for recovery.

Within the Adult Community Support Services we offer:

  • Community Support Program: Services aimed to assist in the recovery of eligible individuals with a chronic mental illness focusing on their individualized treatment.
  • Targeted Case Management: Provides information and resource services for adults with a chronic mental illness. These services are not long-term / ongoing services (1 year on average).
  • Outreach: This is a time-limited service intended to identify, contact and support chronic mentally ill residents of St. Croix County that may be in need of mental health services.

Services Include

  • Assistance with Transition to Community Living and Resources
  • Crisis Intervention and Stabilization
  • Development of an Individualized Plan of Care
  • Employment Related Skills Training
  • In-depth Assessment of Strengths and Needs
  • Medication Prescriptions, Administration and Monitoring
  • Psychiatric Care / Services
  • Psychological Care / Services
  • Psychotherapy Care / Services
  • Self-Care Skills Development
  • Service Coordination, Appropriate Recommendations and Referrals
  • Social and Peer Support Services
  • Supportive Psychotherapy
  • Symptom Management

For appointments

Please call the Access Line to set up an appointment at 715-246-8255.

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