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October 16, 2018

Robbie Krejci, St Croix County Highway Commissioner
Phone – 715-245-4201
Email:  robbie.krejci@sccwi.gov

St. Croix County – Prohibition of Signs with highway right-of-way

Chapter 86.19 (1), Wisconsin Statutes, reads as follows:
“Except as provided in sub. (1m) or s. 84.01 (30)(g), no sign shall be placed within
the limits of  any street or highway except such as are necessary for the guidance or warning of traffic or as provided by ss. 60.23 (17m) and 66.0429.   The authorities charged with the maintenance of streets or highways shall cause the removal therefrom and the disposal of all other signs.”

St. Croix County has received a number of complaints in the past weeks regarding signs, both political and otherwise, that are located within highway right-of-way. Realty, campaign and other signs are prohibited in the right of way. Typical highway right-of-way width is 66-feet (33-feet from centerline) but can vary significantly based on the demands and construction requirements. If you have specific right-of-way width questions contact the municipality in charge of maintenance of said highway. 

Improperly placed signs may:

•    Compound damages or injuries in the event of a crash.
•    Distract a driver's attention.
•    Endanger the safety of individuals who are erecting signs along busy highways.
•    Obstruct a motorist's view.
•    Present obstacles to crews who maintain (mow) roadways

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation also lists significant information regarding improperly placed signs within the public right-of-way, this information is available via website at WisDOT placement of signs in the Right of Way

October 24, 2018

UPDATE: High water levels on the St. Croix River may delay end of Stillwater lift bridge season 

Continued high water levels on the St. Croix River along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border may delay plans next week to close a gap in the bridge located east of the lift section. The Minnesota Department of Transportation had planned to replace the bridge’s span #6, two spans east of the lift span on Thursday, November 1, 2018. And even though the Stillwater Lift Bridge is not operational due to repairs underway on the lift span, closing the opening would effectively end the 2018 Stillwater Lift Bridge lift schedule for most large marine traffic.

The span was floated out of position and anchored parallel with the east bank of the river in late July to allow for repair work and repainting on the lift span. With the lift span closed the removal was needed to provide access for river traffic to move unimpeded up and down the St. Croix River through the rest of the boating season. 

The historic lift bridge, spanning the St. Croix River, is being transformed into a bicycle/pedestrian crossing. The lift bridge also will accommodate marine traffic during and after the project is complete in mid-June 2019. This conversion project is part of the St. Croix Crossing Project. The converted lift bridge will also become part of a  5-mile “loop trail” system connecting the new river crossing bridge up with the historic bridge and other local trails.

With repairs to the lift span expected to be finished over the winter, the lift bridge schedule will resume in late April 2019.

NOTE: Once the span is returned to its original location, only smaller watercraft will be allowed to move up or down river beneath the bridge. Signs will direct those boats to the proper location to safely pass under the bridge since parts of the bridge will have scaffolding hanging underneath. 

Real-time travel information anywhere in Minnesota is available at www.511mn.org or
call 5-1-1. 

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