Recording Requirements

Although we review documents prior to recording, the final responsibility for completeness and accuracy rests with the parties drafting the documents. Please review your documents prior to submitting for recording to ensure they meet the following requirements.

Transfer Returns & Recording Fees

  • All Conveyances require a Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) be filed electronically thru the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website. The eRETR Receipt and applicable Transfer Fee must be submitted along with the Conveyance Document to the Register of Deeds office.
  • Information on the eRETR Receipt Must Match the Conveyance Document Exactly.
  • Correct Recording Fee required. WI Statute 59.43(2)(e)

Legal Descriptions

  • Complete Legal Description required on all documents pertaining to real estate. WI Statute 706.05(2m)(a) as defined in 66.0217(1)(c). 
  • Referenced Property must be located in St Croix County. WI Statute 706.05(1)
  • Click on Tabs below for more information on each Category:
  • Metes & Bounds descriptions must include a minimum of the Quarter Section, Section, Township, Range and then the exact legal description of the parcel.
  • To correct an old or non-complying legal description, add a preliminary statement such as:
    A parcel of land within St Croix County, being part of [Quarter Section, Section, Township, Range], further described as:” and then follow with the old or non-complying
    legal description.

Document Requirements

  • Date required on all documents.
  • Name of Person –or– Government Agency who Drafted document required if executed in Wisconsin (company name alone is not sufficient). WI Statute 59.43(5)
  • Prior recorded documents being referenced must include Document Number and Volume and Page. WI Statute 706.05(2m)(a)
  • Ink must be Black, Blue or Red, except for original signatures.
  • Click on Tabs below for more information on each Category:
  • Document format must include 3x3 blank space in upper right hand corner, minimum ½” margins at top of each page, minimum ¼” margins on sides & bottom of each page, name of document not more than 3” from top of page, white standard weight paper, no hinged pages. Standard Document Cover Sheet (PDF) available online. WI Statute 59.43(2m)
  • Return Name & Address must be entered on the First Page of the document either under the recording area on the right or in the upper left corner. Documents are returned to address that appears in this designated area. WI Statute 59.43(2m)(a)4
  • The Entire Document must be Legible and Reproducable. Faxed copies are discouraged. WI Statute 59.43(2m)(b)4