Coordinated Family Services

It is not a specific program or service, rather it is a team process based on family and community commitment to create services for each child and family. It is an approach to respond to children and families with multiple, often serious needs. An individualized plan is created that can be changed according to circumstances and changes as the parents have ultimate ownership of it. The services are supported through collaborative efforts of agencies, government and volunteers.


  • Involvement in multiple systems
  • Other interventions have been successful; persistent obstacles to service access; and / or there is a need for service coordination
  • Parents willingness to participate in the team process
  • Youth under 18


A committee made up of representatives from a variety of agencies and community groups oversee the St. Croix County Project. The committee meets 4 to 5 times a year and is always welcoming new community members.

More Information

For more information on how to become involved in the project on any level, please contact our Project Coordinator.

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Wisconsin Family Ties
Wisconsin’s Collaborative
Systems of Care (WCSOC)
General Information (PDF)
Team Member Diagram (PDF)
Team Overview (PDF)
Guiding Principles (PDF)
Team Meeting Notes (PDF)