Sheriff's Office K9 Fund

The St. Croix County Sheriff's Office K9 Fund has been established to assist with the care and expenses of the K9 training and specialized equipment used for public safety throughout St. Croix County.  We care deeply and recognize the unselfish dedication of our K9's. 

Donations to the K9 program are always appreciated and help us to continue the important community service work provided by our officer & K9 teams. DONATE HERE K9 Fund.

Thank you!

K9 Handler Teams

The St. Croix County Sheriff's Office has three very valuable K9 handler teams within the patrol division:

Deputy Josh Stenseth and partner Roan. Roan is a Belgian Malinois. They have been working as a team for the Sheriff's Office since early 2018. 

Deputy Jordan Smith and partner Ares. Ares is a Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands. They have been working as a team since 2019. 

Deputy Fred Mangine and partner Ash. Ash is a male Dutch Shepherd from Germany. They have been working together as a team since 2020.

Each team is cross trained with all patrol functions, including narcotics detention. 

K9 Unit Duties

Our K9 units are available on a 24 hour, on-call basis to conduct building searches for offenders in hiding; assist in the arrest or prevent the escape of serious or violent offenders, protect officers and others from death or serious injury; track suspects, or locate lost or missing persons, hidden instrumentalities or evidence of a crime; and detect the presence of concealed narcotics.

All our K9's are certified yearly through the US Police Canine Association.

K9 Garza