Comprehensive Zoning Update

About the Project

  • Started in August 2017 to update the county zoning ordinance which regulates the use and improvement of land in most unincorporated parts of the county.
  • Goals:
    •  Make the county ordinance consistent with current state laws and legal standards
    • Establish zoning districts and regulations that fit the varied needs of the towns
    • Make it easier for all users to understand and apply the ordinance


  • Coordinated by the St. Croix County Community Development Committee and Community Development Department, at the direction of the County Board
  • Contracted with a team of consultants led by MSA Professional Services, Inc.
  • A Zoning Ordinance Revision Task Force of county residents has been created to help identify issues with the current ordinance and review proposed changes.

Project Timeline

  • Over the past six months, MSA and county staff have hosted meetings with the towns, public, local development professionals and the Zoning Ordinance Revision Task Force to solicit input on what is working with the ordinance and what is in need of review and updating.
  • Feedback was also received from an online survey posted on the St. Croix County website last fall.
  • An initial zoning ordinance will be created in 2018 by MSA and county staff.
  • A public meeting is anticipated in Fall 2018 to share and seek reactions to the proposed ordinance.
  • Town meetings are anticipated in Fall 2018 to support local discussions regarding the proposed ordinance.
  • Proposed ordinance and instructions for public comment will be anticipated to be available online in October/November 2018.
  • A formal public hearing is anticipated to occur in early 2019.
  • These timeframes are approximate, check the Community Development Department website for any updated information



  • Questions about the project can be directed to John Hilgers, St. Croix County Planner