Huber Program

Future Information for Huber Inmates

Prior to you checking in to serve your Huber sentence, you must schedule an orientation with a Huber Deputy and pick up a Huber Information Packet. Information packets can be picked up at the main entrance to the jail. Orientations can be scheduled by contacting the Huber Officer at 715-386-4755 or by email. It is your responsibility to set this up before checking into serve your sentence. The orientation will last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on number of individuals signed up for that time. Please set up an orientation date with a Huber Deputy before you report to jail to serve your sentence.

At orientation it is expected that you bring in the completed Huber law employer record along with vehicle/insurance information so that it can be placed into your file and ready for your check in date. If you do not attend an orientation prior to checking in to jail, you will have to sit in jail until the next available orientation day.

All Huber inquiries can be directed to the Huber Officer by email or by calling the Huber Office at 715-386-4755.


All Huber Inmates will be required to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet while in the Huber Program. There will be a charge of $5.25 per work day for the bracelet. If you choose not to wear the bracelet you will not be allowed in our Huber program.

Upon checking into the St. Croix County Jail for Huber you will be required to pass a urine test and have no alcohol in your system. If you have a positive test you will be moved to general population. If you are serving for another county you will be sent back to them.

Huber Fee Schedule

  • One time sentencing fee for St. Croix County inmates: $25
  • One time out-of county Huber transfer fee: $100

Daily Huber Fees

  • Daily Huber Fee: $20 per day
  • GPS Bracelet Fee: $5.25 per work day

Huber Transfers

If you have been sentenced in another county and wish to serve in St. Croix County you need to contact a Huber Deputy and do the following:

  • Provide County of Conviction
  • Provide Case Number
  • Provide Judgment of Conviction (JOC)
  • Once the Huber Officer has this information they will make the determination if you will be allowed to transfer in to St. Croix County. If you are accepted into the St. Croix County Huber Program you will be charged a one time $100 non refundable transfer fee.

If you have been sentenced in St. Croix County and wish to serve in another county you need to contact a Huber Deputy and do the following:

  • Provide where you want to serve
  • Provide Contact information of where you want to serve
  • Once the Huber Deputy has the request and information they will contact the prospective county and begin the transfer request.