Outdoor Warning Sirens

Sirens Against Blue Sky

Warning sirens are designed to alert people to get in and tune in when outside. If you hear the siren sounding, get inside and tune to your local radio, TV, internet or NOAA weather radio for information. St. Croix County encourages residents to purchase a NOAA weather radio. When other forms of technology are not available a NOAA weather radio will provide necessary emergency information. 

Tornadoes are unpredictable and can cause injury, death and structural damage. Severe thunderstorms can also cause injury and/or death, structural damage and may produce tornado(s) with little or no warning.Take shelter if needed to protect yourself and/or family.

St Croix County does not issue an “all clear” tone on sirens. Such a notice could be confusing to residents in the event of additional warnings.

Quadrant Based Siren Notification System

When the National Weather Service notifies St Croix County Emergency Communications of severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings the sirens will be activated in the affected quadrants. Our goal is to protect or minimize the risk of injury to the public.

  • Quadrant One: Hudson, North Hudson, Roberts and Hammond
  • Quadrant Two: Somerset, Star Prairie,  New Richmond and Deer Park
  • Quadrant Three: Deer Park and Glenwood City
  • Quadrant Four: Woodville, Baldwin and Hammond

While the sirens located in Hammond and Deer Park will be assigned to multiple quadrants their sirens will only be activated once for each event. 

Watches & Warnings Defined

  • Watch: Conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop.
  • Warning: Severe thunderstorms are occurring or tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar.

Monthly Siren test

The St Croix County Emergency Communications Center tests/activates all outdoor warning sirens in St Croix County the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 11 a.m.