Recycling Resources for Organizations

If you are part of a group that could benefit from an in-person or virtual presentation, the Recycling Specialist is available to work with your business, school, community or government organization. Remember, recycling is not an option, it is the LAW. There is no charge for this service. Contact:  |  715.531.1907


Wisconsin businesses and other workplaces can save landfilling costs, potentially earn money from the sale of materials, along with helping Wisconsin's economy and the environment by recycling. Below are links to Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) publications specific to businesses. 


Schools accumulate tons of waste, from paper and computers to food and books. By learning how to handle these wastes as a resource, school officials have an opportunity to save on costs and positively influence the future of their school, district, and students, while preserving the environment.


Here you will find recycling resources for municipalities in St. Croix County.
Please link from your municipality's website to the information on this page.

Important Links

Collection Resources

Informational Documents

The links below are files that can be posted on your website, printed-off for handouts or posters and can be included in emails. Choose from Option 1 or Option 2 below based on your plastics recycling program. If you need custom content, contact the county’s Recycling Specialist for any assistance.

Option 1 - Recycling Program: with plastics #1-2 collection

Haulers include: Murtha Sanitation, Paul’s Industrial Garage (PIG), Waterman’s Sanitation

  1. 2020_SCC Recycling Handout_#1-2 plastics
  2. 2020_SCC Recycling Poster_#1-2 plastics
  3. Recycling Container Label_8 x 11" (optional)

Option 2 - Recycling Program: with plastics #1-7 collection

Haulers include: Advanced Disposal, Hometown Disposal, Olson Sanitation, River City Disposal, Waste Management

  1. 2020_SCC Recycling Handout_#1-7 plastics
  2. 2020_SCC Recycling Poster_#1-7 plastics
  3. Recycling Container Label_8 x 11" (optional)