The purpose of the Finance Department is to provide a centralized financial management system for general County government. This provides the County Administration and County Board with financial data and recommendations that contribute to the making of informed financial decisions for St. Croix County.


The Finance Department is involved with the accounting, payroll, budgeting and auditing functions of the county. The department provides technical assistance in financial management and accounting to the County Administrator, departments and various committees.

Accounting Activities

Accounting activities include the preparation of financial reports, which accurately state the financial condition of St. Croix County, and supervision, maintenance and development of the accounting system. The payroll function allows for the accurate and timely processing of payrolls for county employees. The budget function includes preparing initial data in the development of annual budgets, as well as assisting the County Administrator in the budget process. The auditing function includes responsibility for internal controls, as well as obtaining an annual independent single audit of all St. Croix County records.


If you are considering doing business with St. Croix County, all suppliers must provide contact information including your taxpayer identification number and certification (W-9). Complete the Supplier Contact Information form and return to the Finance Department. 

Follow How to Use the Oracle Supplier Portal for Negotiations procedure to submit an RFP response to a negotiation invitation.

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