St. Croix County is dedicated to responsible financial management, overseeing a budget of over $120 million and a team of more than 650 dedicated employees. The County’s budget focuses on the priorities established by the County Board, ensuring that your tax dollars are allocated where they matter most.

Each year the County Administrator and Finance Director work with County leadership to create a balanced budget to bring forward to the County Board for consideration. The process begins in March and finishes in November with the adoption of the County Board of Supervisors Budget Resolution.

2024 Recommended Budget Highlights

The County Administrator's Recommended Budget for 2024 is a landmark achievement in St. Croix County's financial history. This budget not only underscores our commitment to responsible fiscal management but also reflects our dedication to addressing the evolving needs of our growing community.

The 2024 County Administrator's Recommended Budget is set to create a mill rate that stands as the lowest in St. Croix County's recorded history, tracing back to the early 1970s. This historic achievement has been made possible through a combination of factors, including:

  • New Growth: The County has experienced substantial residential, commercial, and industrial growth.
  • Appreciating Property Values: Property values in the County have appreciated, contributing to a healthier financial outlook.
  • Conservative Spending: Together with the net growth and appreciating property values, our prudent fiscal management and conservative spending patterns have played a pivotal role in achieving this historic mill rate.

2024 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Budget Process

Action Complete By
  Capital Project Request for 2028 and Requested changes to Years 2024-2027 due to Finance Director May 5
CIP Team Reviews and Recommends to County Administrator May 26
Departments Report to Committees/Boards CIP Request June
County Administrator Reviews with CIP Team and Makes Final Recommendation July
Resolution Approving CIP Projects August/September

2024 Operating Budget Process

Action Complete By
COTW - Department Presentations on Future Budget Impacts April 12
Administration Committee Recommends Budget Priorities April 18
County Board Adopts Budget Priorities May 2
New Position Request due to HR Director June 15
Department Draft Budgets Distribution to Department Heads June 30
Department Heads Initial Budget Request entered in system July 31
County Administrator/Finance Director Reviews Department Budgets with Department Heads August/September
Committees/Boards Review Draft Department Budgets September
County Administrator Presents Preliminary Budget to Admin Committee Final Review & Recommendation Publication. Notice to Newspapers. COTW Budget Presentation October
County Board, Public Hearing and Adoption of Budget November 7