Park Entrance & Rental Fees

Entrance fees for all parks is $8 per vehicle per day or $28 yearly. Rental equipment at Homestead Parklands and Glen Hills park are also $8 per hour with a 2 hour initial max (Please see individual park pages for information on available watercraft rental). Shelters and Campsites can be reserved by visiting our parks reservations page.

Outdoor Recreation 

The St. Croix County Outdoor Recreation Plan serves as a guide to the development of parks and outdoor recreation facilities and is updated every five years. There is a need to provide for increasing recreational demand while at the same time improving quality of life, enhancing property values and protecting natural resources for future generations.

Public comments are being sought for the update of the St. Croix County Outdoor Recreation plan. A public hearing is scheduled for September 20, 2018 during the St. Croix County Community Development Committee meeting at 5 pm in the County Board room. A copy of the proposed plan is available below.

Proposed St. Croix County Outdoor Recreation Plan-Public Hearing (PDF)

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in county parks as long as they are on a leash less than 8' long at all times per the Parks Ordinance Ch. 30. Pets are not allowed on the beaches or swimming areas and they must be picked up after.

Firewood Notice

Firewood may no longer be brought into the parks. This ban also includes pallets, lumber scraps and any other wood. If you have firewood with you:

  • Take it back home
  • Place it in a sealed container or bag and keep it in your vehicle for the duration of your stay
  • Failure to comply with this policy could result in revocation of camping permit and/or issuance of a citation. Thank you for your cooperation!

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