Chronic Disease Prevention Programs 

Tobacco Use

Both heart disease and cancer are major risk factors from tobacco use, and the single largest preventable cause of disease, disability, or death in the United States. For help with quitting smoking call the Wisconsin Tobacco QuitLine at 1-800-QUITNOW, 800-784-8669, or call us 715-246-8263.

It is state law in Wisconsin that anyone under the age 18 can not legally buy tobacco products. Public Health does compliance investigations, through implementation of Wisconsin Wins to ensure retailers of tobacco products are following this law. St. Croix County is part of the Western Wisconsin Working for Tobacco Free Living Coalition (W3TFL). at 715-485-8500

Wisconsin WISEWOMAN Program

SCC-Public Health offers blood pressure screening and monitoring, diabetes screening, cardiovascular risk reduction assessments, healthy lifestyle coaching, and education  within this program. To find out  if you qualify call 715-246-8365. Public Health also offers nutrition education for information call 715-246-8263. 

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

The most recent health needs identified are overweight/obesity as a health priority as a risk factor for cardiovascular and diabetes is being addressed in our Community Health Plan-Healthier TogetherWISEWOMAN