Ground & Surface Water Quality Protection Study

Core Documents

Meeting Date
Main Meeting Topics
July 25, 2017
Facilitated discussion to develop recommendations for protection of groundwater quality in St. Croix County Agenda Packet
July 11, 2017
Facilitated discussion to develop recommendations for protection of groundwater quality in St. Croix County Agenda Packet
June 27, 2017
Role of WDNR in protecting groundwater quality - Russel Rasmussen, DNR
Role of DATCP in protecting groundwater quality - Sara Walling, DATCP
Agenda Packet
Sara Walling (PDF)
June 13, 2017
Proposed Amendments to ATCP 51 Administrative Rule regarding Livestock Facility Siting 
Setting goals for identified issues towards identifying recommendations
Agenda Packet
May 23, 2017
Process for using study groups to make recommendations - Pat Malone, UW Extension
Livestock Siting and Operations Regulations - Scott Cox
Agenda Packet
May 9, 2017
Key findings and recommendations  based upon past meetings    
Agenda Packet
April 25, 2017
Key findings and recommendations based upon past meetings
County Ordinances for Ag and Nutrient Management - Ryan Sterry and Steve Olson
Groundwater Flow Sytem - Paul Jucken, Joel Stodyk, Mark Borchardt
Capabilities and Practies II - Tammy Wittmer
Factors Affecting Groundwater - Kevin Masarik
Capabilities and Practices - Ryan Yarrington
Agenda Packet
Ryan Sterry & Steve Olson (PDF)
Paul Jucken, Joel Stodyk & Mark Borchardt (PDF)
Tammy Wittmer (PDF)
Kevin Masarik (PDF)
Ryan Yarrington (PDF)
April 11, 2017
Discussion on Possible Framework for Assessing Information to Formulate Recommendations for the County Board Agenda Packet
Christ Straight, WCWRPC, Dunn Co Example (PDF)
March 28, 2017
County Ordinances Pertaining to Agriculture and Nutrient Management Summary - Steve Olson, CDD and Ryan Sterry, UW Extension
Agenda Packet
Ryan Sterry (PDF)
Steve Olson (PDF)
March 14, 2017
St. Croix County Groundwater Flow System - Future Investigations, Paul Juckem, Hydrologist, USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center
Agenda Packet
Paul Juckem (PDF)
February 28, 2017
Review of Community Development's capabilities and practices related to groundwater quality - Tammy Wittmer Agenda Packet
Groundwater Program Summary (PDF)
February 14, 2017
Presentation and discussion on factors affecting groundwater quality - Kevin Masarik, UW - Extension
Review of Community Development Department's Capabilities and Practices Related to Groundwater Quality - Ryan Yarrington
Agenda Packet
Kevin Masarik (PDF)
Ryan Yarrington (PDF)
January 17, 2017
Goal and Scope of Study Group Agenda Packet
January 10, 2017
Study Group Logistics and Schedule Agenda Packet
December 6, 2016
St. Croix County Board -- Public Information Meeting Dec County Board Ryan 11-30-16 (PDF)
Summary of Farm Statistics Landscape 11-29-16 RS1 (PDF)
Summary of Dairy Statistics 11-30-16 RS (PDF)
SCC Ag - RS4 (PDF)
Steve Olson Dec 6 CB (PDF)
Sitting overview -St. Croix Co presentation (PDF)
Summary of Sitting Standards CC (PDF)
LS Local Govt Need to Know CC (PDF)
161130 Keys to Nutrient Loss AR (PDF)
Masarik St.Croix 12-06-16 (PDF)
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Public Healths Role 1 (PDF)
CAFO Fact Sheet DL (PDF)
Moratorium Legal Authority SC (PDF)
Vested Rights Legal Opinion Scott Cox (PDF)
Moratorium - Vested Rights Legal Opinion Emerald Sky SC (PDF)